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The first internal trainer training of the company ended successfully

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In order to improve the teaching skills of internal lecturers, create a team of lecturers who are "proficient in specialty and good at teaching", and pass on the relevant professional technology and corporate culture concept of the company, 31 trainees (mostly cadres at or above the second level deputy post or the person in charge of the professional field) launched a three-day and three night internal trainer training. And the first internal trainer training course organized by the company's human resources department came to a successful conclusion on August 31st.


On the morning of August 29th, Mr. Bai Tao, deputy general manager of the company, fully affirmed the purpose and significance of the training at the opening ceremony of the first internal trainer training class, and put forward three requirements. Firstly, we learned the skills of course design and teaching. Secondly, we had an intense competition in the training class and our practical skill was trained. Thirdly, the internal trainer's skills were improved through the way of exercise and PK. During the training period, each trainee was fully involved, listening carefully and actively participating in the interaction.


This training focuses on practicality, effectiveness and actual combat. On the last day of the training, the training result was displayed. The evaluation teachers gave awards to the excellent trainees and the best team, and issued the graduation certificate to the trainees' representatives