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Company and Kaifeng Shunhe Hui Nationality District Government Signed a Cooperation Agreement

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On August 4th, company signed a strategic contract with Shunhe Hui Nationality District government. Mr.Wang Qiujie, vice mayor of Kaifeng Municipal People's government, Mr. Wu Xiangong, member of the Standing Committee of the Party committee and deputy general manager of CNCEC, and responsible persons of market development department of CNCEC, central China regional headquarters, China Chemical Construction Investment Group Co., Ltd., China Tianchen Engineering Co., Ltd. and relevant affiliated enterprises attended the signing ceremony. General Manager Mr. Han chang’ en signed the strategic contract with Shunhe Hui District government on behalf of the company.


The main content of the contract is to promote the infrastructure construction of Shunhe Hui nationality district and accelerate the promotion of the city image of Shunhe Hui nationality district.


On behalf of Kaifeng Municipal government, Mr. Wang Qiujie congratulated the signing of the contract. He hoped to take this cooperation as an opportunity to deepen the connotation of cooperation between enterprises and local governments, focus on the introduction of advanced talents and projects of China Chemical Engineering Group Co., Ltd., and carry out in-depth cooperation in a wider range of fields to achieve win-win development. He also said that the municipal Party committee and the municipal government will, as always, create more optimization development environment for ELECO in Kaifeng.


Mr. Wu Xiangong and Mr. Li Shiju respectively made speeches and responded positively, expressing their desire to deepen the cooperation between enterprises and local governments, especially to participate in the construction and development of the eastern urban area of Kaifeng City, and said that greater achievements will be achieved to benefit the people of Kaifeng with the joint efforts of both enterprises and local governments.


During their stay in Kaifeng, Mr. Wu Xiangong and his team also visited the company's corporate culture exhibition hall, and had a discussion with the members of the company's leading group and senior managers to learn more about the company's work.