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The BDO of Lanshan Tunhe Phase II project has been successfully commissioned for the first time

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Recently, the 104,000 t/a BDO of Lanshan Tunhe Phase II project undertaken by Xinjiang Sub-company was completed. The trial run was successful and qualified BDO products were produced. Xinjiang Lanshan Tunhe Energy Co., Ltd. sent ELECO the good news.


The project has a construction period of 15 months. It took 19 months from the signing of the contract to the successful start-up of the project, setting a record for the shortest construction period in the history of BDO construction.


This project is an important strategy for Lanshan Tunhe to build a "two million-ton industrial park", with the purpose of optimizing and perfecting the industrial chain, and creating low-cost and differentiated core competitiveness. The project was delivered as scheduled on September 30th, 2019, and the project construction task was completed on schedule. On December 30th, it achieved a one-time start-up success, produced qualified products, and set a new record for the construction speed of similar projects in the world. It also made contribution to the high quality development of Lanshan Tunhe Company; ELECO has also won the reputation for expanding the market in Xinjiang.