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Henan Provincial Petrochemical Trade Union held one session of the National Committee

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On December 26th, the first plenary meeting of the First Committee of Henan Petrochemical Union was held in Zhengzhou. Mr. Chen Zhibiao, vice chairman and member of the party group of China Energy Chemical Geological Union, and Mr. Huang Jianzhong, vice chairman and member of the party group of the Provincial Federation of Trade Unions, attended the meeting and made a speech. The first leading organization of the Henan Provincial Petrochemical Trade Union was made after election. Mr. Li Haibo was elected as the chairman, Ms. Zhao Man was elected as the vice chairman and the director of the Women's Workers' Committee, and Mr. Zhang Qingfan, the company's labor union chairman, was elected as a standing committee member. The company's Minister of Women's Labor, Ms. Yuan Weihong, was invited to attend the meeting as a member of the first female workers' committee of Henan Province.


During this meeting, the Federation of Trade Unions and the provincial general leaders fully affirmed the achievements made by the ELECO Union in employee cultural activities and the construction of labor model innovation studios.