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Team of China Chemical News visited the company for investigation

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On December 27th, Mr. Xu Yan, director of Weekly Department from the China Chemical News, Mr. Liu Yongming, director of the reporter station in Henan, and Mr. Fang Junji, reporters from the Communication Department, visited the company to investigate and discuss about strengthening cooperation between media and company. Mr. An Yu, Vice secretary of company party committee and Mr. Li Yong, Vice Minister of party department attended the meeting together.


At the symposium, Mr. An Yu briefly introduced the company's development process and operating status, and elaborated the company's medium and long-term strategic planning.


Mr. Xu Yan introduced the work content, innovative development of China Chemical Industry News Agency, and talked about the experience of newspaper industry in approaching the industry and serving the development of enterprises. He said that China Chemical Industry News will continue to strengthen cooperation with the company, further expand the scope of cooperation, and continually contribute to the sustainable development of enterprises.


Mr. Xu Yan and his party also visited the company's corporate culture exhibition hall and watched the company's video during the research.