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The 2019 company employee’s long-distance running for welcoming the new winter started

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In the afternoon of December 27th, more than 150 participants from all units of the company gathered in Huajian Middle School to participate winter running race sponsored by the company's labor union, youth league committee and office. Mr. Zhang Qingfan, chairman of the company's labor union, attended the event and delivered a speech. The event was chaired by Mr. Liu Chunhai, the head of the propaganda department of the labor union.


After two hours of fierce competition, the game ended successfully. Guo Yiting and Bai Xue won first place in the women's youth group, Zhang Yahui won the first place in the men's youth group; Gao Feng and Sun Hongyan won the champions in men's and women's middle-aged group respectively; Hua Wenfang and Liu Fuhai won the champions in men's and women's old-aged group respectively, and Zhang Qingfan presented awards to the winners.