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The company held the third quarter economic activity analysis meeting in 2019

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 On the morning of Nov. 6th, the company organized the economic activity analysis meeting of the third quarter in 2019. General Manager Mr. Han Chang’ en, Deputy Secretary of the Party Committee, Secretary of the Disciplinary Committee Mr. Wei Daocheng and other leading members attended the meeting. Mr. Zheng Qiqing, deputy general manager and chief accountant of the company, presided over the meeting. The meeting was held in the form of video. The middle and above cadres of the company headquarters, some of Sub-company’s managers attended the meeting at the main venue, and other middle-level and above cadres of the sub-companies participated in the meeting in the branch venue.


At the meeting, Vice Director of Finance Department, Mr. Zhang Huagang made a report on the economic activities of the company in the third quarter of 2019, and made a summary of the company's operating results in the first three quarters, and pre-judgment and analysis of the company's annual economic indicators.


Mr. Zheng Qiqing made a detailed analysis of the company's operating results and the completion status of economic indicators in the past nine months, and made recommendations on the key directions for the next quarter.


Mr. Han Chang’ en asked the company headquarters and branch (subsidiary) companies and project departments to do a good job in economic activity analysis. In the fourth quarter, how to ensure the completion of the annual target tasks, Mr. Han Chang’ en put forward five requirements: First, all sub companies should do an analysis of economic activities to promote the promotion of various management tasks; second, they must achieve the target and resolutely ensure the completion of each task; third, we must constantly consolidate the safety foundation and strengthen quality and safety management; fourth, we must adhere to stable development; fifth, we must pay attention to the three stages of the business process.