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Biol-Chemical Project

No.Project DescriptionProduction
Quality Evaluated
1.        Inner Mongolia Shenzhou Multi-crystal Silicon Project  Civil and MEI Work1,500 t/a
3,000 t/a
2.        Jiangxi Saiwei LDK Photovoltaic Silicon Technology Co. Ltd Hydrogen Chloride Product Line15,000 t/a2008.04~2009.11Excellent
3.        Shanghai EVONIK DEGUSSA Special Chemistry Co.,  Ltd.  MMA MEI Work 2008.8.1~2009.6Excellent
4.        Luoyang Zhonggui High-Technology Co., Ltd. Multi-Crystal Silicon Project2000 t/a2009.12~2010.4Excellent
5.        Qinghai Yanhu Haihong Chemical-industrial Co., Ltd. ADC Vesicant Integrated Project100 kt/a2009.12~2010.6Excellent
6.        Zhongping Energy Chemical Group Nylon-66 Project200000 t/a2005.12~2007.5Excellent
7.        Inner Mongolia Poly-silicon Co., Ltd. E’r’Duosi Poli-silicon Project2500 t/a2008.8~2009.11Excellent
8.        Zhangjiagang Dowcorning Organic Silicon Co., Ltd MEI Work 2009.9~2010.4Excellent
9.        Shanghai Bayer Polyurethane Co., Ltd. TDI  Integrated Unit 2009.8~2011.1Excellent
10.      Xinjiang Lande Fine Chemical-industrial Co., Ltd. Butadiene Rubber (BR) Project50000 t/a2010.4~2011.7Excellent
11.      Inner Mongolia Dun’an Photovoltaic Silicon Technology Co., Ltd. Polycrystalline Silicon Project3000吨/年2010.9~2011.5Excellent
12.      Zhejiang Chemical Industrial Engineering Co., Ltd. HALON-1301, HFIP & Fluorin Fine Product Project500 t/a
1000 t/a
220 t/a
13.      Shangdong Hualu Hengsheng Chemical Industrial Co., Ltd. Acetic-Acid Modification Project Coal Supplying System 2010.7~2011.6Excellent
14.      Qinghai Yanhu Haihong Chemical Stock CO.,Ltd, 100kt/a ADC Vesicant  Integrative Project 2010.10~2011.3Excellent
15.      Evonic Tianda (Liaoyang) Chemical Additives Co., Ltd. Re-building Project 2011.4~2011.10Excellent
16.      Inner Mongolia Jiahui Chemical Industrial Co., Ltd. Organic Silicon Phase I Work200,000 t/a2010.4~2011.10Excellent
17.      Shanghai Bayer Material Science Co., Ltd. TDA & TDI Project Modification Work 2011.9~2012.4Excellent
18.      Henan Shenma Chemical Industrial Co., Ltd. Adipic-Acid Modification Project 2011.9~2012.5Excellent
19.      Anyang Yingde Gas Co., Ltd. Synthetic Gas Project150000Nm3/h2011.5~2012.7Excellent
20.      BASF Special Chemical Product (Nanjing) Positive-ion Monomer Project 2011.9~2012.7Excellent
21.      Mengwei Science and Technology Co., Ltd. PVA Project  Phase II Work 2011.9~2012.12Excellent
22.      Shanghai Bayer Material Science Co., Ltd. MDI Project AWR Maintenance Work 2014.2~2014.6Excellent
23.      Shanghai Bayer Material Science Co., Ltd. HDI &IPDI Innovation Project50000 t/a2014.5~2015.9Excellent
24.      Pingmei Group Shenma Co., Ltd. Henan 40000 t/a Adipic Acid Modification Project40000 t/a2014.6~2015.9Excellent
25.      Shanghai Bayer Material Science Co., Ltd. Whole Site Structure Maintenance Work 2015.3~2016.8Excellent
26.      Shanghai Covestro Co., Ltd. 310000 t/a TDI Environment & Modification Project 2016.10~2017.10Excellent
27.      Xinjiang Zhongtai Xinxin Chemical Technology Co., LTD. Chemical New Materials 10,000 T/A Copolymer Of Vinyl Hloride And Vinyl Isobutyl Ether Unit Mechanical Works 2016.11~2017.9Excellent
28.      BASF Polyurethane (Chong Qing) Co., Ltd. Mechanical Maintenance Work 2016.5~2018.5On-going
29.      Shanhai Covestro Co., Ltd. Site Maintenance Project- Framework Agreement 2017.1~2018.12On-going
30.      LG Chemical ( Huizhou) Industrial Co., Ltd. ABS Project 2017.1~2018.2On-going
31.      Shanhai Covestro Co., Ltd. TDI Environment and Modification Project310000 t/a2017.11~2019.1On-going

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