Achievement | refinery project

Electrical Project

No.Project DescriptionProduction
Quality Evaluated
1Inner Mongolia Yili Chemical-industrial Co., Ltd. Thermal Power Factory 2005.7~2006.2Excellent
2Inner Mongolia Mengdian Huaneng Thermal-Power Co., Ltd. No.1 Power Factory Cooling Work2*300 MW2004.9~2006.8Excellent
3Huolinhe Power Plant Air-cooling Unit Civil, MEI Project2X300MW2007.7~2009.4Excellent
4Pakistan Engro Ghotki Power Plant  Civil, MEI Project230WKW2008.12~2009.12Excellent
5Algeria Terga Power Station Project3*400 MW2009.5~2011.5Excellent
6Xinjiang Guanghui New Energy Co., Ltd. Methanol Project 35KV Transformer Substation1200000 t/a2010.7~2010.11Excellent
7Ningxia HANAS New Energy Group LNG Co., Ltd. E & I Work 2010.11~2011.9Excellent

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