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Fertilizer Project

No.Project DescriptionProduction
Quality Evaluated
1.       Xinjiang Luo Bubo Potassium Salt Project  Hami Railway Special Line and Storage Project1,200,000 t/a2007.6~2009.5Excellent
2.       Guizhou Tianfu Group Synthetic Ammonia and Dimethyl Ether Project300,000 t/a2007.8~2009.6Excellent
3.       Yunnan Yunwei Group New Urea Innovation Project300,000 t/a2009.2~2010.1Excellent
4.       Anhui Liuguo Chemical-Industrial Co., Ltd. Synthetic Ammonia & Urea Project Coal Storage Plant1000 t/d2011.4~2011.9Excellent
5.       Jilin Connell Chemical-Industrial Co., Ltd. Aniline Plant Phase II Project300,000 t/a2010.11~2011.9Excellent
6.       Henan Jinkai Chemical Industrial Investment Holding Co., Ltd. Megaton Total Ammonia Project Urea Plant1,200,000 t/a2011.4~2011.9Excellent
7.       Guodian Chifeng Chemical-Industrial Co., Ltd. Urea Project A & B Package300,000 t/a2010.4~2011.9Excellent
8.       Hubei Yichang Xingfa Chemical-Industrial Co., Ltd. 800000 t/a Vitriol Project Monoammonium Phosphate (MAP) Plant200,000 t/a2010.10~2011.10Excellent
9.       Anhui Liuguo Chemical-Industrial Co., Ltd. Synthetic Ammonia Project Gasification  Plant 2010.11~2012.5Excellent
10.     Sino-Salt Anhui HongSiFang Co., Ltd. Synthetic Ammonia Project Gasification Plant280,000 t/a2011.2~2012.2Excellent
11.     Sino-Salt Anhui HongSiFang Co., Ltd. Compound Fertilizer Project600,000 t/a2010.10~2012.6Excellent
12.     Anhui Haoyuan Chemical-industrial Group 200000 t/a Synthetic Ammonia Raw Material Line Modification Project200000 t/a2012.5~2013.4Excellent
13.     Shanxi Huaxin fertilizer Co., Ltd. Nitro Compound Fertilizer Project Phase 318602013.12~2014.3Excellent
14.     Hegang Huahe Coal-Chemical Co., Ltd Large Particle Urea Project30522012.7~2014.9Excellent
15.     Inner Mongolia Erdos Chemical Industry Co., Ltd 540,000 t/a Synthesis Ammonia, 950,000 t/a Urea Technical Innovation and Capacity Expansion Project540,000 t/a Synthesis Ammonia
950,000 t/a Urea
16.     Henan Jinkai Chemical Industrial Investment Holding Co., Ltd. 800,000 t/a Urea Construction  and Auxiliary Project within the Area 2015.5~2015.7Excellent

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