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Chemical Project

No.Project DescriptionProduction
Quality Evaluated
1.       Jiangsu SuoPu (Group) Co. Ltd Acetic Acid Gas-creating Projects Innovation  Methanol Work600,000t/a2008.8~2009.4Excellent
2.       Yunnan Yuewei Group Acetic Acid Project200,000 t/a2008.3~2009.6Excellent
3.       Pingmei Group Kaifeng Dongda Chemical-industrial Co. Ltd Tionyl Chloride Project 2009.4~2009.6Excellent
4.       Jiaozuo haohua Yuhantg Chemical-industrial CO., Ltd Soda and PVC Innovation Work 2010.4~2010.12Excellent
5.       Mengwei Technology Co., Ltd. VAC & PVA Project 2010.6~20111.7Excellent
6.       Xinjiang Keyuan Chemical-Industrial Co., Ltd. Catalyzed Auxiliarie Project 2010.6~2010.9Excellent
7.       Henan Kaixiang Fine Chemical Industrial 1,4-Butanediol Plant25,000 t/a2010.7~2011.7Excellent
8.       Hebei Jiheng Chemical Co., Ltd.   Ionic Membrane Soda Project100,000 t/a2010.9~2010.11Excellent
9.       Xinjiang Dushanzi Tianli Trade Co. Storage System and Utilities System Piping Work 2010.8~2010.10Excellent
10.     Henan Zhongyua Fertilizer Group EOEG Project 2010.10~2011.7Excellent
11.      Jiangsu Suopu (Group) Co., Ltd. Acetic Acid Phase III Project Modification Project600,000 t/a2010.8~2011.4Excellent
12.     Hami Red Stone Mining Co., Ltd. Copper & Zinc Selecting Factory New Building Project300,000t/a2010.5~2011.5Excellent
13.     Xinjiang Chemical-ndustrial Group Hami Soda Industrial Co., Ltd. Heavy Soda Work100,000 t/a2010.12~2011.5Excellent
14.     Inner Mongolia Plastic Industrial Co., Ltd. High-tech PVC Project200,000 t/a2011.4~2011.7Excellent
15.     YunWei Acetylene Chemical Industrial Co., Ltd. Calcium Carbide Modification Project Phase I Work600,000 t/a2011.4~2011.9Excellent
16.     YunNan Yuanxin Carbon Co., Ltd. Un-standard Vessel Fabrication and Installation Work600,000 t/a2011.4~2011.10Excellent
17.     Inner Mongolia Yili Resource Co., Ltd. Phase II Calcium Carbide Project 2011.7~2011.9Excellent
18.     Inner Mongolia Baiyanhu Chemical Industrial Co., Ltd. Complete-Closed Calcium Carbide Project40MVA2011.6~2011.11Excellent
19.     Xinxiang Yongjin Chemical-Industrial Co., Ltd. EO/EG Underground Piping Work 2010.9~2012.2Excellent
20.     Xinjiang Shengxiong Resource Developing Co., Ltd. PVC Project Phase I500,000 t/a2011.4~2012.4Excellent
21.     Shandong Hualu Hengsheng Chemical –Industrial Co., Ltd., Acetic Acid Energy-Saving New Technology Renovation Project 2010.7~2012.7Excellent
22.     Henan Coal Chemical-industrial Group Co., Ltd. Yonglong Luoyang Ethylene Glycol Project200,000 t/a2011.5~2012.9Excellent
23.     Anyang Yingde Group 150000 Nm3/h  Synthesis Gas Project 2011.9~2012.7Excellent
24.     Nanjing BASF Cationic Monomer Project 2011.9~2012.7Excellent
25.     Jiyuan Jinma Coking Co., Ltd. Benzene Hydrogenation Project Tank Area Project100,000 t/a2011.8~2012.6Excellent
26.     Anhui Annada Titanium Industry Co., Ltd., Dense Composite Membrane Rutile Type Titanium White Plant40,000 t/a2011.12~2012.7Excellent
27.     State Development & Investment Cooperation (SDIC) Lop Nur Potash Company Processing Factory 2012.3~2012.8Excellent
28.     Qianxi Coal Chemical-Industry Glycol Project300,000 t/a2012.4~2013.2Excellent
29.     Evonik Special Chemical (Ji Lin) Co., Ltd., Hydrogen Peroxide Project 2012.3~1013.12Excellent
30.     Sino-Salt Hefei Chemical-industrial Base Chlor Alkali Series Project 2012.5~2012.12Excellent
31.     Handan Yulong Chemical-industrial Co., Ltd. Crude Benzol Refining The Second Phase 50000 tons/year Project100000 t/a2012.7~2012.12Excellent
32.     Xinjiang Shengxiong Resource Developing Co., Ltd. PVC (Phase II) Project500,000 t/a2012.8~2013.8Excellent
33.     Anhui Huaihua Ethylene Glycol Project Phase I Construction  Work100,000 t/a2013.2~2013.12Excellent
34.     Henan BaiLilian Chemical Incorporated Company Rich-titanium Material Project 300,000 t/a2013.6~2013.12Excellent
35.     Erdos Northwest Energy Chemical-industry Co., Ltd Boiler Project1,200,000 t/a2013.4~2013.12Excellent
36.     Yangquan Coal Industry(group) Co., Ltd. ShenZhou Fertilizer Ethylene Glycol Project Civil and MEI Work220000t/a2013.7~2014.7Excellent
37.     Xinjiang new energy chemical industry co., LTD 1.4 Butanediol fine chemical industry 500,000t/a methyl alcohol Project no.1 and no.7 package500,000t/a2014.4~2014.7Excellent
38.     Hebei Taina New Materials Technology Co., Ltd. MEI Work 2013.10~2014.6Excellent
39.     Henan Junhua Development Co., Ltd. Raw Material Innovation Project Gasification Plant Civil Work 2013.12~2014.8Excellent
40.     Marko Chemicals (xinjiang) Co., Ltd. BDO Project Civil and MEI Work 2013.6~2014.10Excellent
41.     Qianxi Coal Chemical-industrial Investment Co., Ltd. 300000 t/a Glycol Project300000 t/a2014.3~2014.10Excellent
42.     Xinjiang Xinye Group 500000 t/a Methanol Project Water Treatment Plant500000 t/a2014.7~2014.10Excellent
43.     QianXi coal chemical industry investment co., Ltd. 300000 tons/year ethylene glycol project gasification device30000t/a2013.8~2014.12Excellent
44.     State Development & Investment Cooperation (SDIC) Lop Nur Potash Company 2014 Technology Innovation Project Civil and MEI Work 2014.4~2015.1Excellent
45.     Gansu Honghui energy chemical industry co., LTD. 48000Nm3/h hydrogen production unit project civil work48000Nm3/h2015.4~215.12Excellent
46.     Xinjiang HongChang Tong Da Chemical Co., Ltd. 70000 tons methyl ricinoleate and 155,000tonsCotton oil fatty acid methanol project Construction Project 2015.6~2015.10Excellent
47.     SDIC( State Development & Investment Corp.) Xinjiang Luobupo Hoevellite Co., Ltd. 2015 Modification Project 2015.10~2016.8Excellent
48.     Xinjiang Zhongtai Xinxin Chemical Technology Co., LTD. Chemical new materials project (hydrogen peroxide) and supporting project mechanical Works 2016.8~2017.5Excellent
49.     Henan Kaixiang 10,000 T/A Waste Sulfuric Acid Treatment Recovery Package Project Construction And Equipment Procurement Contract 2016..11~2017.1Excellent
50.     SDIC( State Development & Investment Corp.) Xinjiang Luobupo Hoevellite Co., Ltd. 2016 Modification Project 2016.5~2016.11Excellent
51.     Shandong Jincheng Chemical-industrial  Techology Co. Ltd. Air Seperation Project30000Nm³/h2017.7~2017.8Excellent
52.     Ningxia Baofeng Energy Co., Ltd. Circulation Phase II Modification Project600000 t/a2017.4~2017.12Excellent
53.     Beijing Sanju Environment New Material Co., Ltd. Qitaihe Chemical-industrial Products Modification Project 2015.12~2016.2Excellent
54.     Xinjiang Zhongtai Chemical Toksun Energy and Chemical Co., Ltd. High Performance Resin Project 2017.7~2019.1On-going
55.     Xinjiang Guanghui New Energy Co., Ltd. Whole Factory Construction 2017.6~2018.10On-going
56.     Fujian Yongrong Technology Co, Ltd. Caprolactam Project600000 t/a2017.6~2018.9On-going
57.     Hongyang Refinery Technology Co, Ltd. Acetylene Chemical-industrial New Progress PE Multi-production Project400000 t/a2017.8~~2019.10On-going
58.     Xinjiang Zhongtai Kunyu New Material Co., Ltd. PTA Project1200000 t/a2017.8~2019.10On-going
59.     Inner Mongolia Zhili Technology Co., Ltd. Slvite Project Phase I Work30000 t/a2017.9~2018.9On-going

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