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 Recruit the fresh graduate students, undergraduates. The requirements of major are chemical machinery, equipment, chemical engineering and technology, civil municipal engineering, engineering mechanics (lifting) equipment, electrical instrumentation automation, welding technology and equipment, and foreign language class, economics and law class.
China Eleventh Chemical Construction Company (ELECO) was founded in 1962 and certified by China Construction Ministry as the State first-grade general contractor of construction enterprise. The company is also a large comprehensive construction and installation enterprises in petroleum chemical industry and national high-tech enterprises. The company headquarter is located in one famous historical city, Kaifeng, Henan Province, where eight ancient dynasties of China had ever established their capitals. Performing construction of general contracting for all kinds of Industry, Energy, Traffic, and Civil Project. Manufacturing machinery equipment, and leasing out the machinery and houses. Executing construction work for all kinds of groundwork and foundation project. Contracting bidding work for abroad and domestic international project.
Add: No.53, Bianjing Road, Kaifeng, Henan, P.R China
Post Code: 475002
Teacher Su: 0371-22905553
Teacher Chen: 0371-22905505