Talent strategy

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We look forward to the internationalization and interdisciplinary talents to join us, building the future with ELECO in opportunities and challenges.
We working on personal training all the time during project practice and we insist on create a good environment and career development space with open minded based on the company culture.
Talent is the most valuable resource of the company. The company also has strict and unique requirements while providing a good environment for talent growth and the development of a wide cause. we need the staff to be kind and honest, always has confidence and passion, agrees with the company culture, has better communication skills and team work spirit, the staff shall also have good learning capacity, and have the courage to take all the responsibilities. We propose diversified employment idea, and promote open, fair and competitive employment mechanism to encourage the employee. At the same time, under the good administration system, we provide suitable opportunities for employees to develop themselves and grow up quickly with our company together.